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Our history

The history of the Al Pupo shop in Venice began way back in 1939 when the first small shop opened where haberdashery was sold.
However, work began on knitting and crocheting and the 3 Cecchetto sisters, led by their mother, also began selling their handmade creations. In 1941, as the shop was far too small, they moved a few meters further to a larger room and continued with the sale of haberdashery, sweaters and handmade shoes and a few new items of children's clothing were added, continuing to work and also produce during the war period.
- Le 3 sorelle nel 1944 -
After the end of the latter, in the 1950s the 3 sisters shared management and opened a second store in the place where the " Al Pupo " shop continues to operate today.
A few leather goods were added and the sale of toys began , but they were eliminated around the 60s with the opening of the first supermarkets such as the Standa, a few steps from our shop. However, they continued with the sale of children's clothing from 3 years onwards.
"Il Pupo" located in Strada Nuova, the main and strong passageway connecting Venice station with Rialto, was visited by people of all ages: children attracted by toys and our colorful "lollipops" and the families they found , and who still find quality items with which you dress children or grandchildren. Still no older people come to our shop today who still remember when they came to dress with their parents.
We can say that entire generations of Venetians have passed through here and even today, we have the joy of dressing their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
The Al Pupo shop is also part of the
Italian historical premises and is a pillar and a reference point for Venetian citizens, in fact they are aware of finding the professionalism and quality that has distinguished us for more than 80 years .
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